Current Planetarium Show Dates:

Open to the public!  Multimedia presentations on a variety of astronomical topics.  Please arrive early, as shows start promptly at 8 pm, and there is no late seating.  Tickets are sold at the door on the night of the show, starting at 7:30 pm (there are no advance ticket sales).  Afterwards, join us in the Observatory for viewing through the Celestron 16" telescope (weather permitting).  Each show is an hour long.  No previous knowledge is required! 

Admission: $6.00 for adults; $5.00 for Senior Citizens & LAVC students with paid ASO activity cards; $4.00 for children ages 8-12.  (Sorry, we cannot admit children under the age of 8); free for LAVC Astronomy Group members with a valid membership card.

9 September 2016 - “ The Fall Sky” With the return of cooler weather the familiar constellations of Winter reappear. Join us as we show you how to find these constellations in the evening sky, and take a humorous look at the myths behind them.

October 7, 2016 - “Point of No Return-- Quasars and Supermassive Black Holes” Some galaxies are so far away that all we can see of them are their bright cores--the rest of the galaxy may be too faint for us to observe visually. These are the Quasars: distant galaxies powered by a supermassive black hole at their core. Join us for a look at these enigmas of deep space in this show from the Mueller Planetarium at the University of Nebraska.

November 4, 2016 - “ET - The Real Search” - We see aliens all the time on TV and the movies. But what would they really be like? Where might we find alien life? Join us as we hunt for extraterrestrial life and speculate what form it may take.

December 2, 2016 - “The Secret of the Cardboard Rocket” In response to many requests from parents for shows meant for young luminous children, we are pleased to present this show from the Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City about two kids who get the trip of their life as they tour our solar system. This is a show meant for kids ages 8-10, but adults will enjoy the excellent visuals as well. PARENTS PLEASE NOTE: Your children should be prepared for a dark theater. This show is 45 minutes long.

Use of cell phones, recorders, cameras, computers, or other electronic devices is not permitted during shows. The LAVC Astronomy Group reserves the right to refuse admission or eject any person for conduct deemed to be disorderly or intrusive upon the enjoyment of other guests.

Shows are subject to change; call ahead to check on the current show topic: (818) 947-2335